Creating Opportunities:
Talent is Universal, Opportunities are Not!

“Solving our social problems requires the same
fervent energy exhibited by the private sector, and
corporations in pursuing quarterly earnings, profits
and overall return on investments.

Our communities’ problems should not
and cannot be an afterthought.”

Greg Jones, Founder
Legacy Foundation of Hartford, Inc.
Legacy Venture Philanthropy Partners
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The Legacy Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization is a venture philanthropy focused on addressing disparities in health and education with a specific emphasis on the most challenged demographic areas of Hartford, Connecticut. We focus our energies on creating opportunities. Talent is Universal, Opportunities are Not! We develop and execute ‘owned’ programs that primarily create opportunities to help advance the education pursuits of youth and encourage a proactive approach to health responsibility. Additionally, we invest in and partner with organizations to expand our reach in fulfilling our mission.

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