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Real Dads Fovever

Real_DadReal Dads forever is Father Engagement Program strengthening dads And family men to enhance their emotional, spiritual and physical relationship with their child…Forever!

Real Dads Forever creates age appropriate, gender specific and culturally responsive fatherhood development strategies that enhance the emotional, physical, social and spiritual relationship between fathers and family men, and their children.

Workshops explore; the impact of early formative years on life-direction, the effects of relationships (or lack thereof) with our own fathers, feeling life through the eyes of a child, the momentum and power (both positive and negative) of the family and community culture, co-parenting, and the intentional design of a “cocoon” of family, friends and acquaintances that will be part of an asset base that supports a “fathering” man. Some of our sessions also include moms. we challenge our men to examine commitment to themselves, to their personal success and to their children and families.