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Take Charge of Your Health

Take charge of your healthThe Take Charge of Your Health Initiative is a comprehensive approach to addressing disparities in health for individuals who statistically experience a higher rate of occurrence and more adverse consequences from chronic diseases.

The Take Charge of Your Health Initiative is a joint collaboration between the Legacy Foundation of Hartford and Hartford Hospital. The Initiative involves sponsored health fairs, health screenings, and health discussions with medical professionals encouraging individuals to be informed and be responsible. A unique strategy of the Initiative is to seek hosting venues viewed as atypical health sites, such as barber shops, beauty salons, community centers and churches, among others.

Since the beginning of the program in 2012, the initiative has reached over 3000 individuals and provided screenings, consultations and referrals. With the permission of the participants, the program tracks individual performance.

One of the leading root causes of disparities in health for certain demographic groups is the lack of a primary care physician. In addition to the improving knowledge and access, a primary objective of “Take Charge” is to connect individuals with primary care physicians.

  • 200 events
    • Barbershops, churches, community centers
  • 3,000 Individual Interactions
  • 700 FREE screenings
    • Blood Pressure Screenings
    • Cholesterol Screenings
    • PSA Tests (Prostate Cancer Screenings)
    • Colorectal Cancer Screenings
  • 15% of population had health insurance but no Primary Care Physician (‘PCP’)
    • Could not find one
    • Newly insured
    • Not meeting their needs
  • Patient Referral Service
    • 35% of Primary Care Physicians Contacted would accept new patients
    • Connected 50% of the individuals without a PCP to an office accepting new patients