Creating Opportunities:
Talent is Universal, Opportunities are Not!

About Us

The Legacy Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization is a venture philanthropy focused on addressing disparities in health and education with a specific emphasis on the most challenged demographic areas of Hartford, Connecticut.

We focus our energies on creating opportunities. Talent is Universal, Opportunities are Not! We develop and execute ‘owned’ programs that primarily create opportunities to help advance the education pursuits of youth and encourage a proactive approach to health responsibility. Additionally, we invest in and partner with organizations to expand our reach in fulfilling our mission.

Our programs and investments are managed by an active five member board of directors providing skills and expertise in the areas of corporate finance and strategy, program management, information technology among others. We are a venture philanthropy investing in programs that reflect social innovation and contributing to solving community problems around education and health.

Our ‘special sauce’ which differentiates us from the traditional community service organizations incorporates a business investment model approach: where and how do we invest for the highest return on investment as measured by social change. We have a culture of the following characteristics:

  • Executive Presence combined with Execution Expertise
  • Bias for Action
  • Emphasis on Sustainable and Systemic Change
  • Conduit for Collaboration

Our return on investment is measured by the results of our individual programs in meeting their goals of social change. We follow a model of results based accountability to measure our effectiveness. RBA involves identifying expected results that are clearly articulated, and that data are regularly collected and reported to address questions of whether results have been achieved.