Creating Opportunities:
Talent is Universal, Opportunities are Not!

Bridge Builders Program

Tying-a-Tie-MBKBridge Builders Program is a developmental and mentoring program for boys at Martin Luther King School (Hartford, Connecticut) focused on establishing a culture of confidence, self-belief and pursuit of and expectations of high achievement, excellence and professionalism.

The program which includes boys’ ages 11 – 14 incorporates a series of activities, events, tours, and special guest speakers focused on enhancing the exposure and providing guidance and direction for high academic pursuits. My Brother’s Keeper is transformational for the young boys.

The program supplements the classroom experiences of the boys and introduces them to atypical extracurricular activities, which may not be the norm for kids in urban disadvantaged areas. We believe that access and exposure sits at the foundation of solid learning and the ability to create and enhance critical thinking skills.

The current program has been expanded to include young girls at MLK School evolving into My Brothers’ and Sisters’ Keeper Program. MBK is now MBSK.